After got interested in the aesthetics of the crashed and abandoned cars Alessandro Calabrese frequently ran into while wandering around Milan.
Hence, he decided to visit a big junkyard in his hometown, Trento.
Besides taking photographs, he intended to collect some keepsakes from the vehicles, as objects that were certainly destined to be suppressed and forgotten.
Among others, inside what appeared to be the ruined trunk of an economy car, he found the booklet of a 90’s German punk compilation CD, titled: “Die Deutsche Punkinvasion vol. III”.
Covered in dust, the booklet included a series of photographs of anarchic demonstrations and revolts from those years. As he flipped through the pages, he was amazed by the uncovering of a visual coincidence between the two situations and by the purely fortuitous nature of this connection.


Fotopub, Novo Mesto, 2015