September 6th – October 6th 2018, The Long Thing, Galerie Pascal Goossens, Bruxelles (BE) – SOLOSeptember 21st – 23rd 2018, The Long Thing: Re-assembling Images, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam (NL) – SOLOOctober 15th – 21st 2018, Event Horizon, Cairo Prize, Royal Palace of Milan (IT)

PAST EXHIBITIONSJuly 2018, The Long Thing, Traces of presence in biopolscapes, curated by Carlo Sala, F4 Un’idea di Fotografia, Fondazione Francesco Fabbri (IT)June – July 2018, A Failed Entertainment, Athens Photo Festival, Athens (GR) – SOLOJune 2018, Barracuda, Casino Palermo, Viasaterna Palermo, Palermo (IT) – SOLOFebruary – April 2018, A Failed Entertainment, Retina, Gluqbar, Milan (IT)October – December 2017, IMPASSE (The Long Thing + A Failed Entertainment), Viasaterna, Milan (IT) – SOLOJune 2017, The Long Thing, Premio Combat, Palazzo Fattori, Livorno (IT)May 2017, A Failed Entertainment, Fotografia Europea – Archivi del futuro, curated by Walter Guadagnini, Diane Dufour and Elio Grazioli, Palazzo da Mosto, Reggio Emilia (IT)Feb 2017, A Failed Entertainment, Agenda Independent, curated by Benedetta Pomini, Arte Fiera, Bologna (IT)October 2016, A Failed Entertainment, Premio Graziadei, MACRO, Rome (IT) – SOLO
September 2016, Die Deutsche Punkinvasion, BredaPhoto – You, Breda (NL) – SOLOJuly 2016, A Failed Entertainment (Chapter II), Gibellina PhotoRoad – Disordine, Gibellina (IT) – SOLOJune 2016, A Failed Entertainment, 2016 – On New Italian Photography, curated by Fantom, Viasaterna Contemporary Art Gallery, Milan (IT)April 2016, A Failed Entertainment, Foam Talent 2015, curated by Mirjam Kooiman, Beaconsfield Gallery, London (UK)February 2016, A Failed Entertainment, Foam Talent 2015, curated by Mirjam Kooiman, De Markten, Bruxelles (BE)November 2016, A Failed Entertainment, Foam Talent 2015, curated by Mirjam Kooiman, Atelier Neerlandais, Paris (FR)January 2016, A Failed Entertainment, La Disfatta dell’Immagine, curated by Carlo Sala, TRA Treviso Ricerca Arte, Treviso (IT)September 2015, A Failed Entertainment, Foam Talent 2015, curated by Mirjam Kooiman, UNSEEN, Amsterdam (NL)August 2015, Die Deutsche Punkinvasion, Fotopub, curated by Eva Pavlič Seifert, Simulaker Gallery, Novo Mesto (NL)May 2015, A Drop in the Ocean, Fotografia Europea – Effetto Terra,  Chiostri di San Pietro, Reggio Emilia (IT) – S

Premio Graziadei, Rome, 2016, WINNERFoam Talent Prize, 2015Prix Levallois, Paris, 2015, FINALISTPlat(t)form, Winterthur, 2015
Foam, #50, 2018, NLCollectible Dry, #6, January 2018, ITMarie Claire #LIKES, #10, October 2016, ITExclama, #32, First Semester 2016, COFlash Art, #327, May-June 2016, IT (Text by Chiara Bardelli Nonino)Camera Austria, #133, 2016, AUFoam Magazine, Talent Issue, #42, 2015, NL (Text by Taco Hidde Bakker)

Espoarte, 2017Forme Uniche, 2017Artribune, 2017Exibart, 2017Atp Diary, 2016Foam, 2016FotoRoom, 2016Fantom Editions, 2016Lensculture, 2015Fantom Editions, 2015

Macro – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Incontri di Fotografia: Alessandro Calabrese e The Cool Couple, Roma, December 2016Base Milano, Photo Vogue Festival, Milan, November 2016Beaconsfield Gallery, Talent Breakfast Talk, London, May 2016Camera – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Talent: Nuova Fotografia Europea, Torino, April 2016 (Link Video)Recyclart Art Center, Extra Fort, Bruxelles, January 2016Unseen Photo Fair, Talent Talk, Amsterdam, September 2015

NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Photography, November 2017 – OngoingAccademia Carrara di Belle Arti Bergamo, Assistant Teaching in Photography, October 2015 – OngoingOfficine Fotografiche Milano, Photography, November 2017 – OngoingMentor Program – Art & Publishing , Workshop in collaboration with Nicholas McLean (Éditions du Lic), October 2015 – OngoingAccademia di Belle Arti Bologna, Workshop, April – June 2016NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Workshop, April – May 20

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